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Student Service Center

Abuova Bayan Usenbaevna - Head of Department

Amantaeva Meruert Amangeldievna - methodist of the department

Raihan Janat Ansarkyzy - methodist of the department

Kaldar Dana Kantarbaikyzy - methodist of the department

Rules of admission and transfer of students
Regulations on tuition fee of students
Regulation on consideration of applications from individuals and legal entities
Structure Regulations

In the student department worked 4 worker:

1. Abuova Bayan Usenbaevna - Head of Student department
2. Amantaeva Meruert Amangeldievna - Methodist of the Student department
3. Raihan Janat Ansarkyzy - Methodist of the Student department
4. Kaldar Dana Kantarbaikyzy - Methodist of the Student department

Student Department of the University "Syrdariya" is the basic structural unit.

The composition of the student's Department head of Department student and two highly qualified facilitators.
The main goal of the student Department -document control, work organization and management, coordination, implementation and verification
The goals and objectives of the Department:
-Reception and check personal files of students from the selection committee on the basis of the orders of enrollment in the 1st year for all types of education;
- Preparation of orders on the restoration of the student body, the transfer from specialty to specialty, one form of education to another, for a transfer to another university, of dismissal;
- Entering orders on the movement of students in electronic databases ( Platonus);
- Filing copies of orders on the movement of students in private affairs, as well as extracts from the orders of the transfer from course to course;
- transfer of copies of orders to the accounting department, department of office registration, deans of faculties;
- Preparation of materials for transfer students with a contractual framework for vacancies on the state educational grant;
- Preparation of monthly and quarterly reports on the movement of full-time students and part-time offices courses specifically,and faculty studying on grants and on a fee basis, the transfer of this information to the appropriate department (accounting department, department of office registration, deans of faculties);
- Preparation and sending personal files of students who transferred to other universities;
- Preparing and sending requests to the personal affairs of students apply for a transfer from other universities;
- Platonus; Creation of personal cards of students - subs in electronic databases: Platonus;
- At the beginning of the academic year, submit a statistical 3NK - annual report;
- Control the availability of personal affairs produces full-time students and part-time modes of study before completing the diploma;
- filling work books graduates with work experience;
- Validation issued by the Directorate and the dean of certificates;
- Work with incoming and outgoing correspondence (MES RK, confirmation requests and receive training diplomas and other organizations);
- Preparation of requests for application forms (student tickets, test books)
- Transfer personal files expelled students to the archive.

Our address:
160500, Turkіstan region, Zhetysay city, Auezov street, 11.
Phone: 8(72534) 6-14-63, 6-14-27
Fax:     8(72534) 6-14-63, 6-20-08

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